The Tradies Accounting Toolshed Story

Accounting for Tradies 

The Tradies Accounting Toolshed Story.

We are leading accountants for electricians, plumbers, builders and tradies.

How do we know tradies so well? Because Kirsty is married to one, and knows the industry from the inside - running a construction business. From starting out as a sole trader to running a company, Kirsty has 'been there, done that' and knows what it's like to navigate those waters - before she became an accountant. That's why our practice is designed with you in mind - giving you the advice and knowledge you need, before you know you need it.

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Kirsty knows tax deductions and automation tools better than anyone, and understands electrical, plumbing and construction businesses as an industry.

Hello, I'm Kirsty Fox.

Tradie Wife, Tax Terminator and accountant extraordinaire

Married to a sparky and owning a business for over 25 years, I have navigated the challenges that come with tradies businesses, and I know what makes them tick. Hubby started as a sub-contractor in 1993, we moved to a company structure in 1998 and I started my accounting journey in 2001 - now I'm a Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent. I love helping my clients get organised so they can get back to enjoying what they do, and life in general again.

That's why I'm the leading accountant and bookkeeper for electricians, plumbers and builders; because my experience means I understand your business from the inside out.

Tax and accounting are my passion - and rugby... and red wine... and chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate!).

I started the Tradies Accounting Toolshed so that I could start helping Tradies who love what they do get their weekends back and go on holidays.

I know the sticking points. You often feel bogged down by admin, GST, tax, and cashflow (where has that money gone???). You're interested in being more streamlined and for things to be easier. You need someone to take away the stress and free up time and money so you can do what you want (including reinvesting in the business).

That's where the Tradies Accounting Toolshed comes in, and that's where we're at our best.

‘Working with a select number of clients allows us to personalise our services so we can achieve the results that you want to achieve’.

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