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Business Continuity Plan.

 A guide to surviving the covid-19 Pandemic

The Business Continuity Plan is precisely that - a plan to survive the pandemic and come out the other side with a business that is still working. 

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What's in the report?

The Business Continuity Plan looks at your cashflow, your team, your customers/clients and your suppliers.

There are 7 key areas covered - Cash, Protection, Banks and Funding , Management Team, Employees, Customers + Suppliers, and Mental Health.

The end of the report is from Happy HR Resources, with FAQs surrounding your rights and obligations to your employees.



Banks & Funding

Management Team


Customers and Suppliers

Mental Health

What people say about the Business Continuity Plan.

Kind words from People who've used it 

Judith-Rose Max

Mirato Coaching


Paul Pius


Just the information which the business owner is looking for at this moment. Very well explained and liked the way there was guidance and links to the appropriate websites, if they are looking for more info, like Centrelink or Fair Work websites.

Orhan Guza

3Sip Services

Great and detailed.

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